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I have been involved with "Bully" breeds since the early 70's.first English Bulldogs, then Bullmastiffs, and now French Bulldogs. I have tried numerous coat care products through the years from pet stores or catalogs, but Pugsley's Choice is truly in a class by itself! The FUR-ESH shampoo lathers quickly, smells fantastic, and, best of all, rinses out easily, leaving no soapy residue. The FUR-EE Glosser not only makes my Frenchies' coats soft and silky, but helps repel dirt, and allows them to go longer between baths. Instead of just bathing my dogs, I feel like I am pampering them with a royal spa treatment! The shampoo and glosser completely eliminate any "doggie smell." A huge added bonus is that the products are NATURAL, so I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals or toxins. I am recommending the Pugsley's Choice line to my friends and to ALL of my new puppy owners.
Cheryl Petty
PettyBulls French Bulldogs, Bullard , TX

I recently found out your shampoo removes skunk smell. My dog got loose,cavorted in the marsh and got sprayed by a skunk. It was late so I only had your shampoo. Completely got rid of the smell. Sure beats tomato juice!
Annette Delagrange
Skin Inc. Magazine

I met your reps back in March of 2004. They allowed me samples of both the horse and dog products. I had been very clear to them that I would not bring a product into the shop without first using it on my own animals. In May, I purchased my first case orders for the shop.
I show both horses and dogs. Product quality and consistency is of the utmost importance in both venues. I have shared "sample" products with my fellow competitors. Most of the folks are outside of "my" customer base. They are now sourcing the products in their respective areas. So far, so good!!!

Robyn D. Woodard
President, Ravenbourne, Inc

I have a seven year old chocolate lab that for several years has had problems with his coat and a horrible odor to him. We have tried several types of products and shampoos that only covered the odor for a short time and did not improve his coat. Last year we tried several types of products and shampoos that only covered the odor for a short time and did not improve his coat. Last year we tried Pugsley's Choice

FUR-ESH Conditioning Shampoo and SNIFF-IT Odor Eradicator. We have been using these for about a year and his coat is looking great and the odor is gone, not just covered up. People can now pet him rather than just push him away, and he is a much happier dog. We are much happier, too.
Paula Currier
Peabody , MA

I used Stop Bug-gin Me! on my cockapoo for a severe 2004 tick season. (Product brand name omitted) has done nothing, but since using Stop Bug-gin Me!, we have found NO TICKS. It smells fantastic also.
Tim Dutton
Cape Elizabeth , ME






I have been using the Stop Bug-gin Me! on myself all summer. I have a cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee and the mosquitoes and ticks can be quite a problem. Everyone loves the smell and thinks it works great!
Mark Abare
Gilford New Hampshire

I am a "tough sell". I have been mobile grooming for 22 years and have tried many, many products.  I AM impressed. The FUR-ESH Shampoo is great by itself. I can see a noticeable difference in the condition of every coat, no matter what breed. Add the FUR-EE Glosser and you have a "WOW".

The following are some client comments:

Ann, owner of two 13 year old Golden Retrievers: "Their coats are so soft, and feel like puppies. It even enhances the color - a much deeper red."

Kim, owner of two black cockers, ages 8 & 13: "What did you use? They have never looked that good, and it lasts longer between groomings. They are so shiny."

I have found that the SNIFF-IT helps with that 'nasty' cocker ear odor.  A light misting on the underside (covering the ear canal, of course) minimizes the odor quite nicely. It has also been helpful to minimize urine odors, especially on full coated dogs such as shelties, goldens, etc.

The Stop Bug-gin Me! has been popular , especially to deter Maine 's infamous black flies, which in one case had caused much grief to the backside of a little Bishon. Stop Bug-gin Me! remedied that!

I also want to thank you for your prompt response when I order products. At this time, Pugsley's Choice are the only products I use.

Thanks for introducing them to me.

Lizanne Swett
Galloping Groomer, Falmouth , ME

I have been using the Stop Bug-gin Me! on my kids and our dog. I am much more comfortable using a natural product that does not contain anything harmful. The smell is absolutely wonderful!
Jean Corcoran
Peabody Massachusetts

I have been using Pugsley's Choice Shampoo and love it. It lathers well and rinses easily, leaving a shiny coat. A great all natural product!
Kim Wright
Quincy Massachusetts

I absolutely love the Stop Bug-gin Me! My kids and grandchildren don't mind having it put on because it smells great. I have also been very happy with it controlling the ticks on my dog who loves to run in the woods. Great product!
Cindy Ward
North Andover Massachusetts

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